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Monitor your brand awareness online with our daily Brand Mentions report. Receive updates and alerts when your brand has been mentioned in a blog post, news articles or on social media. Keep an eye on your online reputation and engage with content that helps you build brand awareness. Our Brand Mentions report will reveal when, where and what was mentioned in relation to your business, so that you can take the right course of action, to promote your brand and manage your online presence.

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Monitor Brand Awareness

Build brand awareness online by being responsive and reactive to brand mentions. When someone posts about your brand, you have an opportunity to respond as a business and manage your reputation. If someone talks about your brand in a positive way, that’s great news, and you should always show your appreciation and gratitude. If you receive criticism online as a business, it’s important to be aware of what has been said and when it was mentioned. You now need to address the issue in a professional way and if possible, turn a negative comment into a positive experience for a user. Try to understand why they aren’t happy with your business and see if you can put things right! This will help position your business as a customer-first company who is transparent, trustworthy and responsive.

Our daily Brand Mentions report will:

  • Find and highlight brand mentions online
  • Save you time by tracking any mention of your business in blog posts, news articles and on social media
  • Present you with the opportunity to respond to brand mentions quickly and professionally
  • Manage your online presence and build brand awareness
  • Identify weak spots in your digital marketing strategy
  • Find partnership opportunities with other businesses who believe in your brand
  • Reveal potential brand ambassadors and social media influencers to help build brand awareness

Never miss another opportunity to grow your brand online again with our daily Brand Mentions report.

Brand Monitoring For Brand Awareness

Our report will track and analyse brand mentions so that you know the intent of their comments and within context. This document will also highlight a competitor’s brand mentions so that you can analyse their strategy and performance. Track industry topics, spot trends and delve into trending conversions online.

Use this service to track your digital marketing progress and see if you’re in-line with your brand campaign goals. React to your customers online and any feedback or reviews you receive.

This is a must-have report if you’re running PR campaigns and need to track their performance across social media, blogs and news outlets.

Our report will enable you to:

  • Measure your estimated reach
  • Carefully track referral traffic from brand mentions
  • Identify top mentioning domains
  • Track active brand awareness campaigns and their performance
  • Respond to comments, questions and discussions about your brand, products or services
  • Discover backlink opportunities
  • Find opportunities to guest post or provide information and more

Online brand awareness made simple with our daily Brand Mentions report.