Keyword Insight


Keyword research improved with detailed competitor analysis.

Our professional, monthly Keyword Insight report will reveal your competitor’s top-performing keywords, as well as key opportunities that they have missed, and you can take advantage of. By knowing which keywords your competitors are targeting online, you will be able to expand your keyword list and develop more unique or long-tail keywords to get ahead of the competition online. This detailed report will change the way you carry out keyword research and help you to spot your rival’s weak points too.

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Pinpoint Keyword Opportunities

Keywords and search terms are what your customers will be typing into search engines such as Google to do the following;

  • Find an answer to a question
  • Discover more information about a topic 
  • Buy a product or service

By using the right keywords and most relevant search terms for your industry, products or services, you can improve your position within the search results. The first step towards a better and more informed digital marketing strategy is to carry out thorough keyword research. While this can be quite time-consuming, once you’ve put together a list of 20 or more keywords, it can feel as though you’ve hit a brick wall. To discover more valuable keywords to target and use on your website, it’s time to analyse your competition.

Our Keyword Insight report will track which keywords your competitors are using on their website and within blog posts. This professional monthly report will give you a sneak peek into what other brands and businesses are doing online and which keywords they’re trying to target and compete for.

When you receive our Keyword Insight report, you have two options;

1: Add your competitor’s keywords into your own keyword research plan and develop creative and engaging content to attract more traffic to your website. Make improvements to your own website and content development plan to become better than your competition online.

2: Shift your keyword focus away from their keyword list, and focus on developing alternative keywords or long-tail search terms to increase traffic to your site that is different and unique to you.

Visual Keyword Analysis Report

Time is money, and we believe in making our reports clear, to the point and easy to understand. To make it easier than ever for you and your team to spot keyword opportunities, our monthly report will include key metrics such as organic keywords, paid keywords, position, volume, cost per click and other filters to help you analyse and understand the data in front of you. With this information, you’ll then be able to form a clear picture of your competitor’s visibility in the search results and develop a keyword strategy that will move your business forward.

If you’d like more information about our powerful Keyword Insight report service, feel free to reach out to our team today. We will be able to go into more detail with you about this service, and explain what will be included in the report, and why keyword research and competitor analysis will help to transform your business.