Transform your PPC campaigns with key competitor insight.

Analyse your competitor’s PPC campaigns and review the keywords they’re bidding on, to optimise your own online advertising campaigns. Our professional paid ads service will help you to transform your online advertising strategy by monitoring your top competitor’s PPC performance. Use key data and digital marketing insight to identify the best keywords and search terms to use in your own campaigns, in order to increase relevant traffic to your website. Our monthly Pay Per Click service will give you complete visibility of your competitor’s online advertising campaigns, landing pages and ad copy.

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Paid Ads & Keyword Research

Pay per click ads means only paying for online advertising when someone clicks on your ad and is directed to your landing page or a specific page on your website. To manage a high performing PPC campaign, you need to keep the cost per click low. To reduce your daily ad spend you will need to generate traffic to your PPC ads, from customers likely to purchase your products or services, and this is where keyword research comes in.

By using the most relevant and top-performing keywords in your online advertising campaigns, and reviewing your competitor’s PPC performance, you’ll be able to optimise your own paid ad strategy. With our professional help and support on a monthly basis, you’ll start attracting online users who are ready to purchase your products or services. Find new and long-tail keywords and search terms, that could help you generate more traffic and out-perform your competitors.

So, instead of generating clicks on your PPC ads from people not quite ready to buy your products or services, you will only attract users ready to convert. Now every time you pay for a click, the chance of conversion is much higher.

Competitor PPC Analysis

Learn from your competitors and get one step ahead of your competition online. Our Pay Per Click service will reveal your rival’s ad copy and top-performing paid keywords. You will also receive a monthly document highlighting their position and key PPC metrics. From their calls to action, keyword targets and mobile v desktop performance, you can use this data to optimise your own PPC campaigns. While some brands will attempt to get ahead of their competitors by increasing their ad spend, our Pay Per Click monthly service will give you the upper hand with data, metrics and competitor analysis.

Identify trends in your industry, discover new markets to expand into and analyse the most expensive and most popular keywords depending on your city, region or country. Our report will include the most receptive locations for your PPC ads by analysing your campaigns and product or service offering. Manage and optimise your PPC ad campaigns with our professional help and expert industry insight.

If you’d like to learn more about the power of PPC and how our Pay Per Click competitor analysis service can help you transform your paid ads, feel free to reach out to our team today. We would be more than happy to talk you through this service and explain exactly what your monthly report will include and how these metrics will help you out-perform your online competitors.