Product Listing Ads


Competitor analysis of product listing ads.

Review and analyse your competitor’s product listing ads and optimise your own paid ad campaigns. Also, know as shopping ads, most e-commerce brands these days use paid ads to win customers online. Boosting your website traffic and generating qualified leads, product listing ads are powerful ways to convert traffic.

Our monthly Product Listing Ads report will give you a detailed overview of your competitor’s performance in relation to their product listing ads. Monitor their prices, offers and ad placements and use this data to transform and optimise your own campaigns. Our professional product listing competition analysis report can even reveal keywords you and your competitors have in common, as well as give you an estimation on their ad spend and budget.

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Competitor Analysis For Paid Ads

If you want to get ahead of your competition online, take advantage of our professional, monthly competitor analysis. Our paid advertising report will reveal the following key metrics;

  • Assess the PPC performance of your top competitors in real-time
  • Discover and track new product listing ad rivals
  • Learn when your competitor’s ads appear higher in the paid search results than yours
  • Find keyword opportunities and keywords you have in common with your competitors
  • Pinpoint key seasonal opportunities when your competitors increase their ad spend
  • Review competitor subdomains and landing pages

Gain access to ad copy from your competitors and industry leaders and see their calls to action, brand mentions, emotional triggers, discounts, images, offers and prices. Make informed decisions when it comes to your ad copy and product listing descriptions and more.

Product Listing Ads That Generate Better Results

With our in-depth, bespoke competitor analysis report, you’ll be given key metrics on your rival’s domains and product listing ads. Whether you are a local seller or an international business, our professional service will help you find ways to out-perform your competitors.

Analyse Ad Campaigns

Save time and resource by receiving a monthly report that gives you an overview of your top competitors and their best performing paid ads. Review their ad copy, budget, keyword list and ad placement. Alternatively, gain access to competitor ads in real-time.

Seasonal Opportunities

See how your competitor’s advertising budget and daily ad spend varies throughout the year. Pinpoint key budget increases and distribute your own budget accordingly. Never miss an opportunity to make sales online again.

Explore Keyword Gaps

From search terms to high performing keywords, discover the average cost per click for your competitor’s keywords and your own keyword list. Consider your own budget and find new keyword opportunities that are cheaper and potentially better for your business. This includes multi-lingual keywords for businesses appealing to international markets too.

If you’re struggling to compete with your competitors online our team is here to help. With the right data, analytics and PPC metrics, discover how you can optimise your product listing ads and out-perform your competition. This professional monthly report will change the way you update, manage and run product listing ads. Feel free to reach out to our team today about your PPC campaigns.