Website M.O.T.


A Website M.O.T. will improve the performance of your website and attract more customers. 

Does your website play an important role in customer acquisition or retention?

Make sure it ranks well on search engines and provides a quick and seamless experience for your customers. Small things can hold you back from engaging and converting visitors into revenue.

The Website MOT report ensures your site can be found and enjoyed by your customers. Checking 120 key factors on your site that directly impact your ability to:

  1. Rank well on search engines
  2. Attract visitors to your site
  3. Convert visitors into customers

This report will help you detect problems early and fix them quickly.

This professional service will help you to identify any problems with your current website. It will highlight, in detail, the problem, the page on which it occurs and how to fix it.

Whether you have just launched a new e-commerce business, or you’ve had a website for a couple of years, a website health check will analyse your overall website performance, including site and page speed, as well as user experience. By investing time into checking each and every aspect of your site, you will be given a full detailed report that you can then use to make important changes, fix problems and improve your site, unlocking it’s full potential and helping you to increase traffic.

Get A Website Health Check Now

Website Performance

The way your website performs can impact how people view your business online. A poorly designed website, that is difficult to use and takes a long time to load, is not going to impress potential customers. In fact, broken links and a theme that breaks when you access it via a mobile device is often the main reason why online businesses fail to generate sales. A poorly designed website can give customers the wrong impression of your business. So, if your website is generating traffic, but you’re failing to turn people into customers online, a website health check is the first step to fixing the problem.

A website health check report will highlight your current website performance and discuss how well you’re doing in a number of areas, such as;

  • Can search engines crawl and index all pages?
  • Are all pages HTTPS secure?
  • Broken links
  • Slow page loading speed
  • Missing metadata that impacts ranking
  • Pages with low content
  • Poor image optimisation

Your report will highlight:

  • Specific issues that need to be fixed
  • The exact page where these issues have occurred
  • How and why you should fix them

By booking our website health check, you will have complete peace of mind, that your site is performing to its best. Each month, a thorough and rigorous test will take place to ensure that your website is performing well and there are no underlying issues that might cost you time, money or a customer in the future.

Monthly Website Health Check

Our website health check report is offered to our clients on a monthly basis. This helps you to see how your website performance is improving after you’ve made the changes recommended to you within the monthly website health check report. Giving you real-time insight into how well your business is performing online, this service will reveal key opportunities for you to increase traffic and grow as a business!

Like any business, things can go wrong, and it’s always a good idea to key an eye on your website and address any issues before they negatively affect you. Even a broken link can damage a business’s reputation online, and cause you to lose customers and sales. So, to keep on top of your site, without having to hire a web developer or IT professional in-house, take advantage of our monthly website health check service now!