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My online planning service provides clients with a mechanism by which they can benefit from a well researched, detailed and individual plan. It explains what actions are to be taken on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It will be flexible and checked against the desired outcomes to ensure the recommended activity is producing the desired results.

Creating a digital marketing plan will help your company describe how it plans to deliver its online marketing. It will also provide a clear set of instructions on what digital marketing activity is to used to produce the desired objectives. A well constructed digital marketing plan is worth its weight in gold. It will save you time and money and help you get things right the first time.

What Is In The Digital Marketing Plan?

Everything you need to guide you and your team on the journey to online marketing excellence

Where You Are Now

On the journey toward better digital marketing results, it is critical to understand your starting point. If you have just launched a new business, then this will be a shorter exercise. But, if you have an ongoing online presence, you need to evaluate the following:
Your Activity | Your Competitors Activity | S, W, O, T Analysis

Where You Want To Be

Set clear and realistic objectives that are aligned with your available resources. Defining both the commercial and marketing requirement to achieve the desired results.
Objectives | Timeline | Budget | Resources

How Will You Get There

Transforming the big picture into small achievable actions that can be measured is the key to arriving at your destination. I ensure internal and external teams know exactly what needs to be done with a detailed action plan.
People | Plan | Process

Campaigns, Channels, & Communications

Create a content marketing schedule, showing what messages will be sent to which customers through which channels. This activity should be specified on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
Messages | Channels | Customers | Timeline

Measurement & Evaluation

Agree and develop results dashboard that evaluates each channel and their associated actions. Use the results measured to drive continual improvement by enhancing or adapting the activity.
Dashboard | KPI’s | ROI

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Each plan is created specifically to drive the engagement of customers, increase enquiries and grow sales.