Online Research

Keeps you informed and helps you adapt
quickly to a constantly changing world

Online Research Powers Effective Digital Campaigns

I provide online research that helps you make the most of your digital presence. I compare your online activity against your competitors to ensure you have the complete picture.

Business owners and marketing teams need to collect, analyse and act on information quickly to ensure they are in tune with their customers and stay ahead of their competitors.

Simple to understand and full of practical suggestions. My online research report ensures you can close the gap or surge ahead of the organisations that are competing for the same customers.

Your Digital Marketing Activity

I can show you what is working and what needs to change to drive improvement.

Website MOT

Make it easy for customers to find and enjoy your website
Think of your company website like your car. You clean, maintain, service and repair it and if it is over three years old once a year you take it for an M.O.T. I provide a similar service for your website. Every month I run checks to ensure all the elements that allow search engines to help people find your site are in place.

The report will outline the exact issue and specific page alongside instructions on how it should be fixed. The website M.O.T. helps clients detect problems early, improve them quickly and track the impact of the changes.

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Keyword Tracking

Don’t lose visitors by falling down the search rankings
Where your company website ranks for a search term is highly competitive and changeable. So if you are reliant on search engines to generate leads, enquiries and sales, any changes to your ranking could impact revenue.
My keyword tracking service ensures that any movement in ranking for key search terms is captured. I track and monitor all your keywords and report on whether your Google ranking is moving up or down. This service can be run on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis. It will ensure you know exactly where you rank and how many visitors you can expect.

Keyword Research

Discover new keywords that grow revenue
Understanding the keywords that potential customers are using when they are looking for products and services that you supply is vital. As a business, you could be missing out on new customers because you don’t rank for the keywords they have used during their search.
I can show you multiple keywords, how many times they are used, and their potential value to your business. I will show you how easy or hard they are to rank in organic search and show you what the costs would be for Pay Per Click as an option. The service will even show you whom you are competing against for these keywords and the type of content they use in their ads and their associated website pages.

S.E.O. Ideas

Get the very best from every page on your website
Ensuring each page on your website has every element that search engines look for can be time-consuming and frustrating. Especially when search engines keep changing their ranking criteria. My service maps every page of your website and makes practical and achievable suggestions that will improve where you rank for your most important keywords.
I can show you how and where to place your keywords for maximum effect, whether your content length is too long or short, identify backlinks and traffic referral opportunities. I can even suggest related keywords that will improve your content. Watch as every month your pages rank higher, drive more traffic and create more interest in your products, services and business.

Social Media Tracking

Monitor which content is growing your audience and engagement
Social media engagement is becoming ever more critical because it offers businesses the opportunity to engage people directly. We can help you monitor your audience growth, activity and engagement with your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn company pages.
We report on which channel and what type of content engages your audience showing you every month the impact of your campaigns.

Brand Mentions

Protect and promote your business reputation
When people mention your business by name online, it can be something positive or equally very negative. Both provide you with an opportunity to either promote the good or deal with the bad. But how can you monitor all of the places online where people share their thoughts and experiences of your company.
Our service provides you with detailed information on every mention of your brand online, showing you whether it was from a blogger, news feed or other sources. I can show you when, where, and what was mentioned so, you can be fully informed and take the most appropriate action to protect or promote your business.

Your Competitors Digital Activity

Use your competitor’s activity and budget to improve your campaigns

Watch, Learn & Adapt

Competition is no longer just local, regional or even national in fact; technology has made it a global issue. Business owners and marketing teams need information about their competitors quickly so they can prepare and adapt. I track companies who are competing with you for customers online and provide you with a detailed understanding of their online activity.
I show you their best traffic driving keywords, which ones you have in common and the ones that are unique to them. I show you which channels they use to encourage visitors to their site. What paid activity they use, including their ads, keywords and estimated costs.
I provide you with insight into their social media activity covering the channels they use, how many followers they have acquired. I also detail the type and frequency of the content they produce and how engaging it is to their audience.
It would be fair to say if your competitors make a move online, I will see, capture and detail it for you.

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It provides critical insight into what is working and what needs to improve for you to succeed online.